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The 47th contingent of the 'Jose Marti' European Brigade ratify solidarity with Cuba

During their stay in Cuba the visitors will carry out voluntary work in farms and will exchange experiences with Cuban youth, workers and leaders of political and grass-root organizations. They will also visit places of cultural, historic and economic interest. Read More

Young Cuban girl in the finals of a competition in Asturias

The young Cuban girl, Carmen María Vázquez, is taking part in the ninth edition of the Spanish competition. She passed the final test of the International Violin Competition in Villa de Llanes, Asturia, Spain In the event there are also competitions in viola and cello. Read More

Iberian american secretary praises social work in Cuba

«It is very stimulating to know that there is a group of young people taking care of social problems. You are a very important strength in society; Im impressed that there are 42,000 people involved in this work. My congratulations for the beautiful task you are carrying out,» said Enrique Iglesias, general secretary of the Iberian American organization. Read More

Rafael Bonachela, spanish choreographer to premiere ballet piece in Havana

Prestigious Spanish choreographer Rafael Bonachela will premiere on Friday at the Grand Theater of Havana his Demo-n Crazy ballet piece, which will be interpreted by Cuba's famed Contemporary Dance Company. Read More

In Cuba co-president of german left

The recently created German Party of the Left is the result of the merger between the Part of the Democratic Socialism and the Electoral Alliance Party for Labor and Social Justice and it has become the third political power with representation in the German Parliament. Read More

Cuban singer continues his presentations in different regions of Spain

The representative of the so-called second Cuban new song movement shared the stage in Santiago de Compostela with his colleagues Xose Constenla and Javier Bergia from Madrid Read More

Cuban rowers in Germany for World Championship in Munich

A small team of Cuban rowers led by World Cup winner Ismaray Marrero is training in Germany to participate in the 26th World Championship in Munich. Read More

Klasen, the critical seducer at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

This summer showcase Obras 1965-2006 gathers 29 paintings and 20 photographs in the lower story of the National Museum of Fine Arts. Read More

Female Son group to debut in London

Morena Son composed of seven young women instrumentalist-singers, who promote the traditional music of the Island, specifically the repertoire of Miguel Matamoros, Compay Segundo and Sindo Garay. Read More

Choreographer Rafael Bonachela comes to Cuba

Commissioned by a leading English dance organisation, DanceEast, in a project supported by The British Council and the Arts Council England East Artists' Workspace Residency Programme, Bonachela, has worked with Cuba's leading dance troupe Danza Contemporanea since April. The resulting Demo-n/Crazy is to premiere in Cuba and will go on to tour internationally in the new year. Read More

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