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Metrosexuals Coming Out. But in Cuba?

These multi-prefixed classifications, which in the final analysis seem to indicate a given "sexual" behavior, but by no means point to any specific form of conduct, orientation or preference, are only a set of descriptors of some mens attitudes toward their looks and a supposed key to "mens lib." Read More

Nigerian State Governor for Cooperation with Cuba

The governor of the Nigerian state of Ekiti, Olosegun Oni, is paying a visit to Cuba aimed at further strengthening bilateral friendship relations and exploring cooperation opportunities with the island. Read More

Cuban Vice President Announces Second Stage of General Elections

Cuba's Vice President Raul Castro Ruz announced the call of the country's council of state for the election of delegates to the Provincial Assemblies of the People's Power and deputies to the national parliament. Read More

Cuba Allocates Resources to Provinces Affected by Heavy Rains

The Cuban official noted that brigades from the Ministry of Construction, supported by the Revolutionary Armed Forces, will undertake the most intense work which includes the repairing of bridges and of stretches of the national transport network. Read More

Cuba Undertakes Pasta Production Program

Cuba has undertaken an investment program for the installing of four factories with Italian technology which will produce 60,000 tons of long pasta a year. Read More

American Lawyers Pass Resolution on Cuban Five

Members of U.S' National Lawyers Guild endorsed a call for an international investigation into their government's failure to address the denial of justice in the case of the Five Cubans, who have been unfairly imprisoned for more than nine years. Read More

U.S Scholars Ask For Normal Relations with Cuba

In an open letter to Bush, more than two hundred artists and scholars from the United States asked their president to end the travel ban that prevents U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba and allow Cuban artists and scholars to visit the United States. Read More

Congress of Latin American and Caribbean Students Concludes

During the event, the Cuban Federation of University Students (FEU) was re-elected in the direction of OCLAE while the National Union of Students of Nicaragua and the UNE of Brazil were ratified as members of its Executive Secretariat. Read More

Venezuela Bites US Film Hegemony

In the framework of the First Film Festival of Southern Peoples, which is being held on the Venezuelan Margarita island, experts mentioned the need to make the films to reach national and international audiences, especially Ibero Americans. Read More

The Ideological Waterloo

Reflections of President Fidel Castro: I have been working on the many reflections that I have promised. One of them deals with the main ideas of a book by Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, making use of his own words. Read More

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