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Cuban Education at UNESCO Levels

In the text, spread today at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris and simultaneously in New York and New Delhi, Cuba is ranked 23 out of 129 countries, with Norway the most advanced and Chad the most backward nation. Read More

Cuba to Host International Symposium on Masonry

The First International Symposium on Latin American and Caribbean Masonry will take place in Havana from December 5-8. Read More

Unions for LatAm Energy Sovereignty

The forum also called the First Caribbean Energy Meeting and the First World Energy Workers Meeting, to be run in Caracas next year. Read More

Cuba, N Korea Size up Cooperation

Cuban Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas and Korean Trade Minister Rim Kyong Man expressed Monday their respective countries' interest in boosting bilateral links. Read More

Cuba to Make Spirulina with UN

The Spirulina is used as a nutritional and dietetic complement to cover needs of the country's social and sports sector, and it can solve nutrition problems and food security of the current and future society, the source stated. Read More

More money for chocolates and canned crabs?

More than half of the money meant to promote subversion on the island remained in Miami, swelling the counter-revolutionary and terrorist ringleaders personal accounts Read More

Mexicans Learn to Read and Write with Cuban Method

The Mexican municipality of Chimalhuacan reported the highest number of graduates from the Cuban literacy teaching method called ALFA TV, with 3,800 people who have learned to read and write in the past two years. Read More

Cuban Youth Plunged into Voluntary Work

After intensive rains, associated to Tropical Storm Noel by late October and early November, the eastern Cuba had material losses valued at $500 million. Read More

Cuba Commemorates V-Day

The also member of the Federation of Cuban Women said the goal is to rise general awareness, prevent violence and help build a better society amid growing world disrespect for human dignity. Read More

Cuba and Bolivia Boost Trade Relations

Cuban Foreign Trade Vice Minister Pedro Luis Padron told Prensa Latina news agency that this accord reaffirms the existing close ties between the governments and peoples of both countries as it includes market access facilities, among other preferences. Read More

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