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The 15th Inter-Governmental Joint Commission Cuba-Algeria Concluded in Havana

With the signing of new accords that will strengthen bilateral cooperation in fields such as health, sports, agriculture, fishing, and education. Read More

Cuban Deputy Health Minister, Joaquim Garcia Reaffirms Cooperation in Health Domain with Angola

Cuban deputy Health minister, Joaquim Garcia Salavarria, in Luanda expressed his government's readiness to assist with the development of the sector in Angola, through the opening of new higher education institutions and staff training. Read More

Nigerian Yoruba Community Rejects Imprisonment of Cuban Five

The imprisonment of five antiterrorist Cubans in the US was rejected by traditional Yoruba leaders from the Nigerian state of Ondo. Read More

January marked the sixth year anniversary of the establishment of the Guantanamo detention camp

Guantanamo is staying in business, for the exact same reason that the Iraq war rages on, and for similar reasons to why the Bush administration's failing global policy persists. Read More

Cyber Debate On Upcoming Cuban Elections in South Africa

Cuban Ambassador to South Africa Esther Armenteros said the participants would have an opportunity to ask questions to a panel of experts, while also exchanging views on the Cuban elections. Read More

Book on Internationalists experiences in Angola has been printed

The first volume was printed out in 2006, and a third is foreseen for 2008. It will put an end to the publication of a trilogy that reads the protagonism of Camagüeys internationalists from 1975 to 1977 in Angola. Read More

Special Palestinian Envoy Visits Cuba

Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Saleh Raafat is visiting Cuba on Saturday as special envoy of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Read More

Operation Miracle Benefits One Million People

Those free eye surgeries allowed people from 28 countries of the so called Third World to recover their vision or heal from different ophthalmological problems. Read More

Monument to the Cuban internationalists that died in Ethiopia

Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo and his delegation arrived last week Sunday to the Ethiopian capital for an official visit. Read More

Cuba and Africa Mark 30th Anniversary of Friendship Association

During the ceremony, the ambassador of Congo in Cuba, Pascal Onguembyi, thanked the Cuban people and government for their permanent solidarity with the African people in all sectors. Read More

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