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H.I.V./AIDS: Tales From Cuba

The live of two persons infected with HIV that are still alive after more than 20 years. Read More

Cuba and Ecuador act together to heal diabetic foot

<span style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; line-height: normal;">In Ecuador, is conducting a clinical trial of the new Cuban medication Heberprot-P, which is used to treat ulcerative lesions of the lower limbs of diabetics and reduce the number of amputations. Cuban and Ecuadorian specialists work together to evaluate the results.</span> Read More

At least 20 Cuban doctors arrested in Colombia get US protection

At least 20 Cuban health professionals claiming US visa in Bogotá were notified between Friday and Monday they had achieved protection of the Cuban Medical Professional Parole (CMPP), according to El Nuevo Herald. Read More

Bolivian doctors will be trained in Cuba to fight Ebola

Six Bolivian doctors attend a preparatory meeting in Cuba on the clinical management of Ebola to be held this October 28. The Bolivian professionals receive technical training to mount medical camps if the disease spreads into the country. Read More

Chancellor of Benin Congratulates Cuba for its work in Africa against Ebola

Nassirou Bako-Arifari, chancellor of Benin, is visiting in Havana where he labeled Cuba as a global player in the confrontation with Ebola. In the meeting with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, he also congratulated the determination of Cuban doctors to take on this task. Read More

12 travelers are in isolation in Havana to prevent the outbreak of Ebola in the island

The Cuban government has taken strict isolation measures for all people traveling to the island from the regions affected by the Ebola virus in Africa. The Pedro Kouri Institute is in charge of hosting travelers for not less than 21 days and to evaluate their health condition. Read More

Cuban residents in Lebanon highlights the work of his country against Ebola

The Association of Cuban Residents in Lebanon commended the health professionals who have traveled the country to combat Ebola in Africa. The highlighted the supportive nature of the Cuban government facing these times of crisis. Read More

More Cuban doctors will help to fight Ebola in Liberia and Guinea

Fighting Ebola remains the priority for the Cuban health system, this is why on Tuesday October 21 two brigades will leave to Liberia and Guinea Conakry. Cuban Health Minister, Roberto Morales, said that 53 health professionals will travel to Liberia and others 38 to Guinea Conakry. Read More

Pneumococcal vaccine is in phase II and III clinical trial

Over a thousand children from 1-5 years of age are receiving the pneumococcal vaccine as part of phase II and III clinical trial to be held in Cienfuegos. The Doctor Vicente Vérez Bencomo, CEO of the Center for Biomolecular Chemistry, explained that phase one of three doses concluded with infants seven, eight and 11 months old. Read More

Nicaraguan doctors will be trained by Cuban specialists to combat Ebola

The spread of the Ebola virus causes great concern and requires prompt action, which is why a group of Cuban specialists will travel to Nicaragua to support staff training and definition of security protocols to the threat of the deadly disease. Read More

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