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Cuba - Investing In Biotechnology To Battle Cancer

The Cuban government has made a substantial investment in biotechnology in a drive to battle cancer, the country's second leading cause of death, after cardiovascular disease. Read More

The Flip Side of Cuba’s Missions Abroad

International assistance provided by our professionals in various fields, especially in health care and education, has allowed us to become recognized worldwide as one of the governments that provides the most aid. Read More

Chavez begins more medical treatment in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has defeated a respiratory infection and has begun additional medical treatment in Cuba after struggling with complications following cancer surgery more than six weeks ago, a government spokesman said Saturday. Read More

Chavez reportedly at exclusive Cuba hospital

CIMEQ hospital's well-earned reputation for guaranteeing the privacy of its elite clientele makes it the perfect place for the Venezuelan leader, who is bent on maintaining a large degree of secrecy about his battle against a cancer somewhere in the pelvic region. Read More

Cuba acknowledges 51 new cases of cholera in Havana

Cuba's Public Health Ministry on Tuesday acknowledged 51 new cases of cholera in the capital amid growing concerns about the illness' spread and disappointment in the diplomatic community over the government's lack of transparency. Read More

Cuban Health System with Positive Results in 2012

The Cuban Public Health System reported positive results in 2012, marked by efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the needs of the population. Read More

Hugo Chavez Battles Lung Infection In Cuba Hospital

VENEZUELA’S President, Hugo Chavez, is suffering from “complications” brought on by a “severe lung infection” which developed after surgery Read More

Cuba Ends 2012 with 4.6 Infant Mortality Rate

Cuba ended 2012 with an infant mortality rate of 4.6 percent per 1,000 live births, the lowest rate of America Read More

Venezuelan VP strikes optimistic tone on Chavez

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro struck an optimistic tone Sunday for the second day in a row on President Hugo Chavez's recovery from cancer surgery in Cuba. Read More

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez undergoes tracheotomy after post-op complications

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is on artificial respiration after undergoing a tracheotomy earlier this week Read More

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