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Ecuador to contract 1,000 Cuban doctors

Barely one month after Brazil announced it would contract 4,000 doctors from the island for an estimated $192 million a year, President Rafael Correa said during his Saturday speech that Ecuador is planning to contract Cuban primary care physicians for $30 million a year. Read More

Correa focusing on healthcare during Cuba visit

Possibly paving the way for more Cuban health care exports, President Rafael Correa and a large delegation of Ecuadorean officials focused on Cuba’s medical system during a one-day visit to the island Read More

Cuban Professionals Praise More Doctors Program in Brazil

Cuban health professionals praised the "More Doctors" program, directed by the government of Brazil to ensure primary health care for all its citizens. Read More

Cuba Streamlines Public Health System

One challenge faced by the Cuban government, and a high priority for citizens, is improving the efficiency and sustainability of public health services, a constitutional right that the state is supposed to ensure for all. Read More

More Than 85,000 Medical Students to Schools in Cuba

About 85,871 Medical Sciences students will go to school in the 2013-2014 school year that begins in Cuba on Monday, September 2, according to preliminary data Read More

Cuba reports more cholera among foreign visitors

Cuba-born New York high school teacher Alfredo Gómez says it was bad enough that he contracted cholera during a family visit to Havana this summer. Read More

Cuba still battling cholera a year after first cases reported

A year after the first cholera cases in decades were reported in Cuba, the country is still struggling with outbreaks in various provinces Read More

Cuba to Send 4,000 Doctors to Brazil

Some 4,000 Cuban doctors will arrive in Brazil by the end of this year to serve the population of 701 cities facing a shortage of health services Read More

Cuba Develops Efficient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cuba develops a community-oriented cardiac rehabilitation program aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of patients, including children suffering from congenital cardiopathies Read More

US issues advisory for Cuba over cholera cases

The United States has issued an advisory for travelers to Cuba after several foreign visitors were sickened by cholera in recent weeks. In a security message dated Tuesday, the U.S. Interests Section in Havana recommended visitors and U.S. citizens living on the island avoid untreated water, street food and under- or uncooked dishes such as ceviche. Read More

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