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Cuba Ready to Strengthen Epidemiological Control Measures

The Cuban Public Health Minister, Roberto Morales, urged to step up measures to control dissimilar diseases that can affect the island today Read More

Brazil may raise number of Cuban doctors again

The Brazilian government will evaluate the number of doctors needed under the Mais Médicos program in March, President Dilma Rousseff announced during a visit of a Cuban-staffed hospital near São Paulo Read More

Cuban doctors to arrive in Ecuador in December

The first of 1,000 Cuban mostly primary-care physicians will begin arriving in Ecuador in December, under agreements signed by the health ministries of Cuba and Ecuador last week in Havana. Read More

Princeton University Confronts Meningitis Epidemic Preventable in Cuba

The vaccine’s name is VA-MENGOC-BC, and it comes from Cuba. Under the anti-Cuban U.S. economic blockade, Cuban exports to the United States are forbidden. Read More

Over half million Cubans have diabetes

The number of diabetics in Cuba has doubled over the last decade, reaching more than half million at the end of 2012 Read More

Cuban Health Minister Defends Sending Doctors to Brazil

Minister of Health Roberto Morales Ojeda became the first Cuban government to comment on the criticisms leveled by Brazilian doctors to the agreement that allows Brazil to “import” several thousand Cuban MDs to work in places with poor health care services, reported dpa news. Read More

Cuba Sending 3,000 More MDs to Brazil

More than 3,000 Cuban doctors will start arriving in Brazil on Monday to join the government program “More Doctors” which seeks to bridge the shortfall of public health services in the country’s poorest regions. Read More

Belarus Purchases Cuban Medicine Heberprot-P

Belarus will apply Cuban unique drug worldwide to heal diabetic foot Heberprot-P, according to an agreement signed here Read More

Cuba Debates on Development of Laser Gynecology in Russia

The development and application of treatments to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the female sexual organs is now a strength in health centers of the Russian nation Read More

Double Take: Twins Galore on Havana Street

12 sets of twins living along two consecutive blocks in western Havana, ranging in age from newborns to senior citizens. Read More

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