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Rehabilitation benefits to mountain people from Sancti Spiritus

The program dedicated to the rehabilitation in Sancti Spíritus' mountainous areas benefitted last year to about 7 700 suffered patients of different ailments. These services of health toasts in 16 of the 22 television rooms that alternate their functions in the province, besides being centers culture promoters and information, they are also important areas to the service of the health. Read More

More than a thousand latin american doctors trained in Cienfuegos

Nearly 700 Latin American students are doing their degree in Medical Sciences in Cienfuegos, with a program which links them to the community, while living with the families of the region Read More

US Doc praises Cuba-Venez eye operation

The US ophthalmologist and professor of Illinois University James Phillips highlighted the innovative value of the Venezuelan health system that allow poor people to have medical treatment. Phillips came to Venezuela with Patty Nealon, the first US woman operated for cataracts free in the South American country, as part of the joint program called Mission Milagro implemented between Venezuela and Cuba. Read More

Timor Leste med students to Cuba

Timor Leste First Deputy Minister Rui Maria de Araujo saw off in this capital Friday 100 of 200 new students from this small Asian country to study medicine in Cuba. This group will join 500 students who are already preparing on the island as future physicians, which is also developing in this country a humanitarian aid program with a health professional brigade. Read More

Santiago de Cuba a Leader in clinical trials

The Cuban biotech industry is off to a roaring start in 2007 with close to 40 clinical trials underway in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba to evaluate products to treat cancer and other diseases. Clinical trials for products to cancer of the head, neck, lungs, breasts, prostate, esophagus and intestines, are being held along with trials to test pharmaceuticals in the treatment of hepatitis B and C, diabetic foot and other diseases. Read More

Environmental health improving in Las Tunas, Cuba

Efforts to reduce the levels of contamination and to promote clean products have brought about a steady improvement of the environmental health in this province. At the same time, research and innovation in this area have made some important gains. Read More

Quebec firm offers health care in Cuba

A Quebec company is offering to arrange speedy health-care services for a fee in Cuba, but patients have to book their own flights. Services Sante International charges $200 per medical file and patients must make their own flight and insurance arrangements. Read More

Cuba Celebrated Her Scientists Day

Cuba celebrated Science Day on Monday, when the highest national price, the Carlos J. Finlay Order, will be awarded. Carlos J. Finlay was the discoverer of the yellow fever transmitting agent. On January 15, 1960 Cuban President Fidel Castro made the point that the future of Cuba had to be necessarily a future of scientists. Read More

Cuba Boosts Telemedicine

Cuba has developed a transmission system of digital medical images called Imagis, currently installed in several hospitals of the island's 11 provinces. The software, created by Santiago de Cuba's Medical Biophysics Center, allows storing, visualizing, processing and transmission by email images received in tomographs, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, X rays, angiographs and others. Read More

Cuba certifies salvadoran Medicine Lab

CECMED, Cuba's medication regulatory agency, has certified the production practices of Lopez Pharmaceutical Labs in El Salvador, guaranteeing that medicines produced there imported by the island fulfill quality, security and efficiency requirements. Read More

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