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A Song of hope

March 29, marks the 17th anniversary of the Cuban Program of medical treatment for child victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident and its aftermath. It is a page of love, dedication and humanism. Read More

Cuban health therapists flourish

Cuba currently has over 12,000 integral therapists in the health sector, chiefly trained in new health programs of the Revolution. Read More

International Podiatry Congress opens in Cuba

National and Foreign podiatrists are gathering in Havana for the First International Podiatry Congress "PodoCuba 2007" underway March 26-28 in this capital city. Participants will exchange on a wide array of podiatry-related issues, including vascular, skin, neurological problems Read More

Operation Miracle Comes to Jaguey Grande, Matanzas

Nearly 19,000 people with cataracts and other eye diseases have been operated on in hospitals in the province of Matanzas in recent moths, thanks to the Operation Miracle program.The majority of those benefiting come from other Latin American nations but also included 4,430 from the host province. Read More

Cuba for zero TB by 2015

Cuba is trying to wipe out tuberculosis (TB) by year 2015, in line with worldwide efforts in this regard. According to Dr. Edilberto Gonzalez Ochoa, from the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute Tuberculosis Research Group, the Island has the potential to achieve the goal even earlier, between 2010 and 2014. Read More

Cuba, Vietnam ink biomedical accords

Cuban and Vietnamese companies signed eight accords in this capital Friday to import and sell bio-pharmaceutical product and vaccines in this country, as the Cuban Biotechnology Center against hepatitis B does. Read More

60,000 operations performed in Venezuela

Every month, two or three groups of Latin American patients are operated on for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases Read More

Advances in cornea transplants in Cuba recognized

Since 2001, Cuba has had a national network for cornea transplants; this allowed the country to reached the record of 450 such operations in 2006. Read More

Vaccination campaign against mumps in eastern Cuba

Health authorities in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba will carry out a vaccination campaign against mumps, benefiting people aged 12-24. Experts said that on this occasion, the one-time vaccine, which is usually administered to children aged 1-6, will immunize people against mumps, rubella and measles. Read More

Cuba protects AIDS patients

Cuba guarantees jobs, labor protection and free medical care to HIV AIDS patients, because the State prioritizes human development. Cuban experts attending the Second International Congress on Health and Work, being held in Havana until Friday, noted that the island nation provides high-quality medical care to those patients in order to improve their quality of life. Read More

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