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White pelican takes shelter in Pinar del Rio

Between March and October, these big birds find nutrition sources in rice fields, water reservoirs and forest areas of the shores. Read More

High rank cuban communist evaluate damages by rains in Las Tunas

Among the most significant affectations stand out the loss of seeds and agricultural products, the floods in the sugar cane fields and of several cultivations, as well as the damage to some one thousand housings, figure that can increase, since several communities are still isolated by land. Read More

Cuban mountain range soaked by Noel's heavy rains

Granma's Civil Defense Council is taking the necessary actions to avoid human losses and bring down as much as possible the material damage. Read More

Tropical Storm Noel death toll rises in Caribbean countries

In Cuba, almost 1,300 homes were damaged. Some interior areas remain incommunicado due to flooded roads, and coffee crops were damaged by flooding. Read More

Heavy rains for the Central and eastern part of Cuba

At 6:00 local time Thursday, the storm was located at 23.9 degrees latitude North and 78.5 latitude West, around 102 miles southeast of Nassau, in northern Bahamas. Read More

Cuba hitting oil production goals

Pointing to the totally automated refinery in Havana, Cubas vice president said the country is also in the position to increase the number of oil and gas wells being drilled Read More

Noel meandering near the north coast of Cuba.

At 200 pm edt the center of tropical storm Noel was located near latitude 22.6 north longitude 78.8 west or about 190 miles-305 km south-southwest of Nassau. This position is just off the north coast of Cuba near Cayo Santa Maria. Read More

Storm Noel intensifies, tracks Cuba's northeast coast

Noel was located ``very near'' the town of Gibara on Cuba's northern coast, and moving west at 19 kph, with a turn to the northwest forecast for later today. Read More

Center of disorganized Noel about to emerge off the north coast of Haiti, new warnings issued for the Bahamas

At 11:00 am edt the center of tropical storm Noel was estimated near latitude 19.9 north, longitude 73.0 west or about 80 miles-130 km east-southeast of the eastern tip of Cuba and about 300 miles-500 km southeast of the central Bahamas. An air force reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate Noel this afternoon to more precisely locate the circulation center. Read More

Cuba inaugurates new energy-efficient generators

The main goal of the Cubas "Energy Revolution" is to generate electricity with greater efficiency Read More

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