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Congress on Asphalt Techniques Underway in Havana

The Congress, sponsored by the National Union of Cuban Architects and Engineers, is being attended by delegates from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela and the United States. Read More

Regional Expert Praises Institution of World Diabetes Day

The institution by the United Nations (UN) of a resolution that establishes November 14th as World Diabetes Day is an instrument to fight this disease that has become "a threat to families, governments and the world," said Susana Feria de Campanela, President of the South, Central American and Antilles region of the International Diabetes Federation. Read More

Cuban Biotechnology Spreads All Over the World

Cuba's biotechnological industry has made major achievements, including 38 products that are being commercialized in 40 countries. The most relevant products are the vaccine against meningococcal meningitis, interferon and streptokinase. Read More

Venezuela, Cuba Preparing to Bring Cienfuegos Refinery Online

The countries' state oil companies Petroleos de Venezuela SA and CUPET formed a joint venture to bring the refinery online after it sat dormant for 14 years, Chavez said today while attending a summit for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in Saudi Arabia, according to a government statement sent by e-mail. Read More

Successful Cuban Program for Early Detection of Retinitis Pigmentosa

The National Program of Retinitis Pigmentosa was an initiative led by Dr. Orfilio Pelaez 17 years ago. It consists of a mass examination and multidisciplinary studies on the disease, while providing continuous medical assistance to the people suffering from the condition. Read More

Latin American Expert Praises Cuban Achievements in Treatment of Diabetes

Rosas Guzman, who was elected as ALAD president for the 2007-2010 period during this meeting that is being attended by 1,600 experts from 33 countries, praised the Cuban National Program to Fight Diabetes that goes from primary health care to specialized treatments. Read More

Nigeria will receive ethanol-making technology from Cuba

The Cuban government was ready to transfer the sugarcane-based ethanol-making technology to Nigeria, said Elio Olivia, the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, here on Monday. Read More

Cuba urges world to change currently unsustainable energy model

During a speech at the 3rd International Meeting "Territory and Life" held last weekend in the Spanish city of Oviedo, the Cuban ambassador to Madrid, Alberto Velazco, said that the world consumes a lot more than 90 million oil barrels per day. Read More

Fidel Castro warns of threats against mankind

Cuban leader Fidel Castro warned on Sunday that political underdevelopment as well as limitless and irrational techonological creations in the world today are putting mankind's survival at risk. Read More

New Website About Saving the Environment through Low Energy Solar Kiln Drying

Enviro-Forest Solutions Ltd announces launch of its new website to provide information to people that are interested in environmentally friendly timber processes for delivering sustainable, technically superior and innovative timber products. Read More

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