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Cienfuegos: A Major Industrial City on the Caribbean

The inauguration of the oil refinery, modernized by a joint venture made up of the state-owned companies Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) and Cubapetroleo (CUPET), will mark the beginning of a megaproject whose core will be a petrochemical complex. Read More

China, Cuba Enhance Public Health Co-op

In a meeting Tuesday presided over by Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu and Cuban Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas, China and Cuba declared their willingness to enhance public health cooperation, especially in ophthalmology. Read More

Cuba Eolian Park Ready

Cuba wound up the mechanic setting up of six generators in the eolian park of Gibara, with 5.1 megawatts, the one with larger capacity in the country. Read More

Cuba Ends Houses Donated by Venezuela

Cuba concluded the construction of 100 houses donated by Venezuela in a community near the Cienfuegos refinery, which will be shortly reopened as a bi-national joint company Read More

Cuban Official Lauds Venez Experts' Work

Cuban executive Julio Sanchez lauded the technical work being done by Venezuelan experts who are assisting in the modernization of the Camilo Cienfuegos oil refinery in this port city. Read More

Thank you Papanicolaou!

Thanks to the Early Detection Program for cervical-uterine cancer Cuba shows one of the lower rates in Latin America. Nevertheless, to talk on this topic is a way to improve women gynaecologic health. Read More

Pinar to gain ground in Urban Agriculture

Around 20 units of Urban Agriculture will be destined to semi-protected agricultural areas in the province, aimed at supplying the state markets with vegetables along the coming year. Read More

Pharmaceutical Industry of Cuba Increases Productions

The pharmaceutical industry of Cuba is developing millionaire investments to improve the production of medications and to reach the basic required standards in the programs of Health. Read More

Expectations upon the best children mortality rate of all times at Camagüey.

Recently children mortality rate has been steady at the province, while better results have been attained during 2006. Read More

Cuba Designs Project for Intl Coffee Org

Services and products by DESOFT include applications to declare merchandise at customs, control of documents, financial management, integrated economic systems and elimination of computer viruses. Read More

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