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US family finds traces of slave-trade past in Cuba

James DeWolf Perry VI's great-great-great-great-great-grandfather used African slaves to grow coffee on this rocky hillside outside Havana,Madruga town  and to him its thorny weeds and small sugar plots feel haunted. Read More

Cuban percussionists prepare their festivity

The 9th Drum Fiesta, an international festival designed to promote Cuban folklore, traditional music and jazz, will take place in different cultural centers of this capital on March 9-14. Read More

Restrictions hurting exports to Cuba

Agricultural sales to Cuba would have been as much as one-third higher in 2008 if U.S. restrictions on financing of the exports and travel by Americans to Cuba had been lifted, a top U.S. International Trade Commission member said. Read More

Shift in policy towards Cuba gaining strength

A European Union commissioner Monday told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Europe's policy toward Cuba in the future will place less emphasis on human rights in the island nation than now.<br /> Read More

Discussion on Cuba's travel ban still in the US congress

Proponents say yes, they have their best chance in years of repealing the ban on U.S. tourist travel to the island. Read More

Money favoring embargo goes to US lawmakers

Public Campaign cites a number of times in which lawmakers changed their position on Cuba-related issues within months of receiving funds from a political action committee that supports the U.S. embargo of the communist island. Read More

Obama's promise is change: does it include Cuba?

Obama promised change and has already delivered some new policies, on both<br /> domestic and foreign policy fronts. Read More

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