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The Athens of Cuba

Matanzas province, known as "La Atenas de Cuba" (The Athens of Cuba) is located 100 kilometers to the east of the Cuban capital. It was nicknamed the Athens of Cuba because it was the birthplace of prestigious poets like one of them who has become a real legend, Carilda Oliver Labra, author of the popular poem " Me desordeno, amor, me desordeno" Read More

Hanabanilla, nature and legend

A picturesque and exuberant place is located in the central part of the island known as Hanabanilla that means small gold basket in aboriginal language. Although a deposit of this valued mineral has never been found in this area, it does not mean that the aboriginal people would not have it. This place owes its name to the incomparable natural values that treasures it. <br /> Read More

First transatlantic flight Sevilla-Camaguey

Captain Mariano Barberan and Lieutenant Joaquin Collar were the pilots of the Cuatro Vientos spacecraft. They traveled 4533 miles over the Atlantic Ocean, throughout it widest part on board of that large Hispano-Swiss Breguet of 850 HP. Read More

Santiago de Cubas cathedral turns 485

Santiago de Cuba, a villa founded by conqueror Diego Velázquez in 1522 celebrates its 485th anniversary of being granted the title of "City" as well as its designation as a dioceses as a Cathedral. Read More

First Latin-American cemetery outside a church

The funeral traditions have always distinguished the different civilizations throughout the history of humankind. Since far-off times this kind of rituals, including the burial, were carried out in religious temples. All human being would find there the ideal place for the eternal rest, the location inside the church depended on the social status of the dead person. This type of custom went to the detriment of the public health and the well development of the religious ceremony. Read More

The first Cuban pirate, favorite of the English Crown

The Cuban archipelago was a strategic location for the pirate action. However, not only Cuba was victim of the vandalism of those foreigners that used to plunder the wealth of this young Spanish colony. This land also had its own killers. Diego Grillo was the first pirate to be born in this island who was very well known worldwid Read More

A mythological being, the first Cuban woman with driving license

By the name of Maria Calvo Nodarse was issued the first driving license issued to a woman in Havana at the beginning of the last century. Read More

The Chinese Presence in Cuba

After the discovery of Cuba by the Spanish, many peoples felt attracted to the idea of trying their luck in the New World. Even from the distant China, a great migration took place, which strongly influenced our culture. Read More

The Cuban aboriginal population

According to historical calculations, the population of the island was about of 300 thousand Indians when Spaniards arrived to Cuba. The aboriginal population was divided into three ethnic groups: Guanahatabeyes, Siboneyes and Taínos. The latest were the ceramists. Read More

The port of Havana was the first Latin-American port that received a steamship

The port of Havana was the first Latin-American port that received a steamship. The event took place in February of the year 1819. Read More

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