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New book by Abel Prieto

Last Tuesday was presented in the book Havana Travel Miguel Luna, written by Cuban Abel Prieto, also Minister of Culture of the island. The text describes a journey from Pinar del Rio, Havana and to the imaginary Republic Democratic People's Socialist Labor-Agricultural-Pastoral of Mulgavia. Read More

Tribute to Bob Marley in Havana

Were sung with great exuberance and received by the audience of the king of reggae songs Bob Marley. The topics of the singer, guitarist and composer were interpreted by Jamaican musicians from Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Ecuador who paid tribute at a gala full of rhythm. Read More

More education film about erotic cinema displays in Ciego de Avila

The central Cuban province of Ciego de Avila is the seat since 1996 erotic film samples. This year the organizers stated that their main goal is to educate the public about this scam of art. "Room in Rome" a romantic drama directed by Julio Medem of Spain, was the film that opened the day on Saturday. Read More

The writer expresses Carlo Frabetti bond linking him to Cuba

The Italian writer Carlo Frabetti Spanish has said that his visits to Cuba will bring periods of tranquility and yet is a source of inspiration to continue working for the younger audience. Read More

Mario Benedetti photo exhibition at Book Fair

As part of the activities that have prepared the Uruguayan delegation to attend the International Book Fair of Havana is a photographic exhibition on Mario Benedetti. Read More

High Expectations for the ICAIC in international projects

The Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC) concluded in 2011 with 140 international cooperation projects implemented in more than one area comprising the institution. Read More

Cuban circus artists culminating presentation in Spain

After a month of performances of four young circus Cuban Havana Company, complete their presentations in Spain. Sharing the stage with renowned artists of the genre, at the Teatro Circo Price, gave a farewell performance in style. Read More

Great concert by Pedro Luis Ferrer in Villa Clara

On Saturday January 7 was held at the La Caridad Theater, Santa Clara a concert by singer-songwriter Pedro Luis Ferrer. This action, which is included in the activities for the XVI National Meeting of Troubadours Longina was greeted with great excitement by the public from Villa Clara, which exhausted all tickets on sale. Read More

Cuba dismisses Gregory Hernandez, Goyo

Better known as El Goyo, the beloved drummer, dancer and singer rumbero Gregorio Hernandez, died in Havana in an accident vasculoencefálico his 75 years of age .According to confirmed sources of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), his death occurred the day before and his body will be buried today. Read More

Cuban culture is mourning the death of Alberto Acosta-Perez

<span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px; color: #333333;"><span class="hps">Yesterday was</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">buried in the</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">Necropolis</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">Cristobal Colon</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">in Havana</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">Alberto</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps atn">Acosta-</span><span>Perez</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">wanted</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">Cuban</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">poet and storyteller</span><span>.</span><br /><span class="hps">Victim of a</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">recently</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">discovered</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">cancer</span><span>,</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">died</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">on the eve</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">intellectual</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">with just</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">54 years</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">and his latest</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">book of poems</span><span class="hps">ready to present</span><span>: Experiences</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">of requited love</span><span>, by the</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">Cuban</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">Union</span>&nbsp;<span class="hps">editorial</span><span>.</span></span> Read More

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