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Aldo Lopez Gavilan presentation in Las Tunas

On Tuesday 8 the Cuban jazz musician Aldo Lopez Gavilan Junco appeared at the Teatro Tuna in the eastern province, this being one of the shows including his tour of the island. Read More

Cuba Participates in Film Festival in San Diego

Added five film productions that Cuba will participate in the XIX Latino Film Festival 2012 San Diego, California. Among these is the film Habanastation (2011) and the animated short Abdala. Read More

Miquèu tour of Cienfuegos Montanaro

Cienfuegos is the first province of the island where the musician and composer will perform French Miquèu Montanaro, who also intends to make submissions in other regions of the country promoting her album Jigsaw. Read More

Jim Belushi became fascinated with his visit to Havana

The actor, musician and comedian Jim Belushi, U.S., expressed satisfaction with the stay in Havana and how excited I felt the warm welcome. In addition, confessed Cuban passion for snuff and surprised with the work of the growers in the country. Read More

The highpoint of the International Book Fair

After 25 days of presentation in all provinces the XXI International Book Fair is finished in Havana, a place where it began on 9 February. Read More

Jose Manuel Carreno will display in Havana

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Spanish Ballet of Cuba (BEC), the famed dancer Jose Manuel Carreño will make a presentation in Havana in the month of April. Read More

Drum Festival in Havana

Among the trips in June and March 11 will be taking place in Havana Drum Festival XI Festival 2012 Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam, which will be dedicated to the beloved Gregorio Hernandez, El Goyo. Read More

Awarded National Film Award to Jose Massip

This Thursday was given the National Film Award 2012 to the director and essayist José Massip in honor of its 50 years of dedication to the cinematic arts. Read More

2012 Videodance invade Havana

Between 28 and 31 March, the streets and squares of Old Havana will be invaded by artists participating in the VII International Festival of Cuba Videodance 2012. Read More

Rouen Opera presents in Cuba

Between Cuba and France is developing a cultural exchange program and other activities will include concerts on the island, between 2 and 3 March, the Opera Orchestra of Rouen. Read More

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