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A tribute to be paid to the Cuban musician Benny Moré in Yucatán

The happiness, feeling and Caribbean taste of Benny Moré will live again in the region of Yucatán when the Benny Moré Jazz Band and the Cuban Television Ballet pay their tribute to this great man of Cuban music. Read More

New Webpage for University of Havana on Its 280th Anniversary

A new webpage dedicated to the 280th anniversary of the foundation of the University of Havana will be able for internet surfers. Read More

Cuban National Ballet to present a Gala for the 49th anniversary of the Revolution

The Cuban National Ballet will offer next January First the Gala for the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, in the García Lorca salon, at five in the afternoon. Read More

Santiago de Cuba will say good bye to 2007 in a very animated way

Santiago de Cuba will say good bye to 2007 in a very animated way, since its parks, squares and towns are promising a varied cultural for the enjoyment of the people offer in the year end. Read More

Applauded the cultural and educational work of Cuba

As a recognition to the educational and cultural work of Cuba classified Francoise Pinzon Gil, director of the UNESCO Program of Education for Risk Children. Read More

Delivered 2007 UNEAC literature awards

In the delivery ceremony of the 42 edition, the Cuban poet and founder of the Award, César López, said that the important awards take into account a varied number of criteria, the union of culture and progress of our America. Read More

Provincial Hall of Art Instructors

On December 27th will be opened another edition of the Provincial Hall of Art Instructors at the Eduardo Abela Provincial Gallery of the San Antonio de los Baños municipality. Read More

Tabío shoots again

Havana, Santa Cruz del Norte, Santa María del Rosario, Bejucal... these are some of the location through which Juan Carlos Tabíos shooting team is moving around these days. Read More

Poetry and poets in a new web site

The presentation coincided with the 97th anniversary of the birth of the poet José Lezama Lima, one of the giants of Cuban literature and it included the presence of famous writers, among them Nancy Morejón, César López and Antón Arrufat. Read More

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