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Opening doors to trade with Cuba

Expert to offer advice to rice growers. Louisiana farmers and other producers are in a prime position to benefit from trade with Cuba, state economic leaders say, but the opportunity is also fraught with complexities. Read More

Cuba: grapefruit harvest has begun

The harvest of grapefruit from the Cuban region of Ciego de Ávila has begun. They expect a production of 10.000 MT, until January 2007. Read More

Cuba's Las Tunas exporting charcoal

With sales to European countries in excess of 150,000 tons of charcoal this year, the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas has contributed to a national effort aimed at raising the export of this product. Read More

Cuban oil and ethanol could prosper in Havanas hunt for energy supplies

Cuba has slowly made progress through the operations of both state-owned and foreign enterprises, by means of new oil explorations and a stepped-up search for new energy alternatives, such as ethanol. Read More

Press release from the Central Bank of Cuba

Swiss bank UBS and Credit Suisse, an unfortunate subordination to the orders of the empire took place, providing an irrefutable example of how the United States imposes its laws in an extraterritorial manner, and decides who can or cannot do business with the institutions of other nations that are supposed to be free and sovereign. Read More

Vietnamese government halts rice export

The Vietnamese government Sunday called a halt to rice export to ensure national food security, according to Vietnam News Agency. Read More

UBS, Credit Suisse end Cuba relations

Two of Switzerland's biggest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, have confirmed that they are no longer doing business with Cuba. Read More

Venezuelan trade with Cuba is to grow 20 percent

Venezuela-Cuba trade this year will amount to USD 1.2 billion, excluding Venezuelan oil sales to the island, which represents a 20 percent increase compared to 2005, according to Venezuelan Government estimations. Read More

Cuba: Software, make it and sell it

Producing competitive software for the international market is the only way for poor countries to overcome dependence in information technology and communication, Cuban Science, Technology, and Environment Minister Read More

Cuba defends its rights to Cohiba Cigars

Cuba is determined to stand up for its right to the Cohiba Cigar brand, which American transnationals are trying to seize with the help of the Bush administration. Read More

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