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Cuba urges world to change currently unsustainable energy model

During a speech at the 3rd International Meeting "Territory and Life" held last weekend in the Spanish city of Oviedo, the Cuban ambassador to Madrid, Alberto Velazco, said that the world consumes a lot more than 90 million oil barrels per day. Read More

Yahoo will merge its search and display advertising departments in the United States

Yahoo Inc said its chief domestic sales officer resigned and the company will merge its search and display advertising departments in the United States as the Internet powerhouse fights to catch up with online search leader Google Inc. Read More

CARICOM and the future global system

Below is an excerpt of the address by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to the Conference on the Caribbean held in Washington, D.C., last week. This conference is more than a tribute to the long, fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship that has existed between the United States and the Caribbean. Read More

What is the currency in Cuba?

Two currencies circulate in the Island: the Cuban peso (national currency) and the convertible peso (CUC). The latter is the only monetary standard accepted by establishments and services operating in convertible currency in the country, as is the case of hotels. Read More

Chinese presence and interests in Cuba growing

More Chinese are living, studying and working in Cuba as business links and trade between the two countries increase. Read More

Raúl receives Iranian minister of industry and mines

YESTERDAY afternoon, General of the Army Raúl Castro Ruz, second secretary of the Communist Party, received Doctor Ali Reza Tahmasbi, minister of industry and mines of the sister Islamic republic of Iran. Read More

US Lawmakers Seek to Open Cuba Trade

Lawmakers from both parties proposed opening up agriculture exports to Cuba and ending travel restrictions, putting them at odds with a White House adamantly opposed to easing a half-century-old embargo. Read More

Las Tunas steel mill also produces science and technology

Anyone who sees the big pit as it swallows the metal scrap that a crane puts into it, the high temperature of the furnaces, the bubbling red hot magma, and finally the metal ingots, would think that this plant only produces steel... But Dr. Juilio Leyva Salgado has many reasons to affirm that the Las Tunas steel mill also produces science and technology. Read More

Cuba's Minister of Informatics and Communications meets with Malaysian Official

The Minister of Informatics and Communications, Ramiro Valdez met on Monday in Havana with the Governor of the Malaysian state of Malaca, Khalil Yaakob who is in Havana heading a delegation from the Asian nation. Read More

New investment support ALBA projects in Cuba

Cuba's CIMEX Corporation is undertaking a series of construction works to support the operations of educational centers receiving Latin American students in the country and to benefit the local population in several Cuban provinces. Read More

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