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Buena Vista Social Club, Cuban Musical Legends, Announce Farewell Tour

The aging masters of Cuban son, who rose to fame after winning a Grammy Award in 1998 for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album and gained worldwide prominence a year later, when Wim Wenders released an eponymous documentary which netted him an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature, have announced a 2014-2015 farewell tour which will mark the last time they hit the stage abroad Read More

Cuban Singer-Songwriter Teresita Fernandez Dies in Havana

Cuban singer-songwriter Teresita Fernandez, who excelled in the creation of songs for children and youngsters, died on Monday morning in this capital, at age 83 Read More

Cuban Dance Music Group Havana D'Primera on International Tour

Cuban musical group Havana D'Primera, led by trumpeter and singer Alexander Abreu, travels the world promoting its album Pasaporte (Passport). Read More

Alex Cuba wishes album ‘Ruido en el Sistema’ was nominated for Latin Grammy

Alex Cuba may have recently received his third Latin Grammy nomination - he won the award for Best New Artist in 2010, and got the nod this year for the video to "Eres Tú" - but he still wants more. Read More

Musicalized Cuban Mass at Bogota Stages

Cuban composer Jose Maria Vitier performed brilliantly in Bogota with the premiere of his "Misa Cubana" (Cuban Mass) concert, accompanied by the capital''s Philharmonic Orchestra, a choir group, and three luxury soloists Read More

Roberto Fonseca, Pedrito Martinez looking to move Afro-Cuban music forward

For so many American eardrums, the story of Afro-Cuban music begins and ends with “Buena Vista Social Club.” Read More

The Latin Grammys Are Making Cuba Loosen Its Grasp on the Media

Cuba's Trabajadores newspaper announced the entire list of Cubans nominated for the Latin Grammys, and included even those artists living in exile, ending a long history of ignoring those in exile, according to the Miami Herald. Read More

Buena Vista Social Club brings classic Cuban sound to Minnesota

The Buena Vista Social Club took traditional Cuban music off the island and made it worldwide cool. Read More

Robertico Carcasses Performs With Silvio Rodríguez After Controversial Remarks At Concert

Robertico Carcasses, a Cuban musician who criticized the government at a nationally televised concert earlier this month, was back on stage at a Silvio Rodríguez show in this capital. Read More

Havana abuzz over singer's bold concert lyrics

It was a day when Cubans were called to speak with one voice to demand the return of intelligence agents serving long prison terms in the United States. Read More

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