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Ancient music within aged stones

Ancient compositions and musical instruments attract Medieval Area, Renaissance and Baroque lovers, who will find in the 5th Ancient Music Festival Esteban Salas a good choice and space to discover other related sacred melodies. This years event runs from January 27 through February 4. Read More

Sting hones his salsa technique on a visit to Cuba

When Sting arrives back home from his trip to Cuba, he will have some passionate new Latin moves under his belt, thanks to some expert tuition in Havana. The yoga aficionado has been swatting up on his dancing since arriving in the Cuban capital on Wednesday. Read More

Cuban culture to Canada

When Alina Orraca listened to 7 Canadian choirs singing a version of the internationally popular Cuban dance song El bodeguero by Richard Egües in the University of Lethbridge, she realized too much effort and work excelled in that distant land were not in vain. Read More

Sizzling music in Cuba

Electric guitarist Elmer Ferrer gave a sizzling performance recently at Havana's upscale Sala Atril nightclub. Ferrer, who heads up his own band and is also a sought-after studio musician in Cuba, had just added a couple of new members to the group. Read More

Prominent english Violinist Recognizes Quality of Cuban Musicians

Walter Reiter talked about his desire to creating an orchestra of Baroque music in Cuba. English conductor and violinist Walter Reiter, a leading figure with the Symphony of Harmony and Invention Group, highlighted the quality of Cuban musicians - particularly those studying in conservatoires. Read More

Wide open gate to guitar orchestras

The idea of releasing the 1st Festival of Guitar Orchestras in the eastern province of Las Tunas this year credits the collective effort excelled in the territory for developing art formation. Details about this first musical gathering coming in May were made known in the annual meeting of the local Culture sector presided over by its Vice-Ministry Rubén del Valle. Read More

Silvio Rodriguez to perform in Chile

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez chose March to perform again before the Chilean people in several stages in Santiago, where hell launch his new musical production "Érase que se era". Two years ago, and at the mythical "Víctor Jara" Stadium of the Chilean capital, large crowds followed his voice and guitar and enjoyed the concerts of the tour "Cita con ángeles". Read More

Cuban music in search of wider markets

The CD "Breathing Havana" is a sample of what has been called as the contemporary Cuban sound. One of the Cuban CDs that Ive listened to at home over the last few months is titled Breathing Havana, a compilation aimed specifically at the Japanese market through the Omagatoki Corporation. The objective of this album is to take a listen at what is being called the contemporary Cuban sound: musical creations that inherit certain elements from what was the Nueva Trova style, but"consistent with the times we live in" opening up to a range of other musical influences. Read More

Cuban son legends captivate Berlín

Cuban son music star pianist Guillermo Rubalcaba González, guitarist José Maracaibo Castañeda and octogenarian singer Reynaldo Creagh conquered the favor of viewers that crowded on Saturday the Admiralpalast theater in Berlin to see the show The bar at Buena Vista. Read More

Adalberto Álvarez in the Cuban cinema

A living legend of the Cuban popular dance music, composer and orchestra director Adalberto Álvarez, better known as " the gentleman of the son" will be film maker Lourdes de los Santos' next documentary footage. Read More

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