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Another literary Fiesta in Havana

The interactive forum Caliban before globalization, held at Havanas Main Computer Center, was another important moment of the intense day. Read More

Cuban web magazines promoting science fiction

The impact of books like the Harry Potter series has promoted science fiction web magazines in Cuba Read More

Premieres to celebrate the Cuban Culture Day

Amaury Pérez will present one of his books, Teresita Fernández will be in concert and the event will be enlivened with get-together on literature and history, art exhibitions and recitals, all of which honours Cubas memorable dates October 10 and the creation of the National Anthem. Read More

Cuba has participated in 14 international book fairs in 2007

This unprecedented increased participation is partly the result of a bilateral agreement signed between Cuba and Venezuela which has led to the publication of the first 10 titles financed by the Cultural Fund of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA). Read More

Cuba at a regional Book Fair in Brazil

Cuban writers, filmmakers, musicians and artists are attending the 11th Pan-Amazonia Fair in Pará, Brazil, where the Cuban culture has melted in with that of the north region of that South American country. Read More

Che Guevaras widow to launch Book of Memories in march

Che Guevara married March de la Torre in 1959, after his electrifying campaign in the central provinces that gave Fulgencio Batistas tyranny the coup de gráce. Read More

Indigenous voices at Havana Poetry Festival

The meeting also served as an occasion to celebrate the outstanding contribution of Martinez Fure, 70, to knowledge on popular Cuban and African cultures. Read More

Award-winning Irish filmmaker to present -"One Man's Story: Philip Agee, Cuba and the CIA"

Dwyer will lead a discussion after the screening, and Agee will answer questions from Cuba via an international telephone hookup. Read More

Che Guevara's widow to launch Book of Memories

In March 2008 Aleida Marsh, Che's widow, will launch her book of memories entitled "Evocaciones" (Evocations). Read More

Six countries to launch book on Che Guevara

Several books by Cuban writers Adys Cupull and Froilan Gonzalez on late legendary guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara will be published this year in Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, Italy and China to commemorate his 80th birthday. Read More

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