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The bilingual Nicolás Guillén

"A Bilingual Anthology" begins with writings from his youth, taken from "Cerebro y corazón". Then there are poems taken from "Motivos del son" (1930) and "Sóngoro cosongo" (1931), two paradigmatic books, both in the authors bibliography and in the context of Cuban and Hispanic-American poetry of that era. Read More

Equis Alfonso will direct film

The famous Cuban musician Equis Alfonso has planned to shoot a feature film for 2008. Read More

"The Sleepless Eye" literary award to writer Ricardo Alberto Pérez Estévez for his lifetime work

The poet, translator and essayist from Jaruco had previously received awards like "David 1989", "The Critics 1993, "The Gazette of Cuba 2001 and 2003", "Nosside Caribbean 2005" and the "Nicolas Guillen National Poetry Award 2007." Read More

Garcia Marquez calls for release of the Cuban Five

There are now six Nobel laureates who have added their name to the October 12 call issued by the In Defense of Humanity Network Read More

TEMAS Essay Award 2007

This Award is intended to stimulate reflection on problems of art and literature, social sciences and humanistic studies, political theory and ideology- that is to say, culture in its broadest and most fundamental sense Read More

Luis Rogelio Nogueras: deep interest in poetry

In the prologue to his book of poems "Hay muchos modos de jugar" recently edited by Letras Cubanas publishing house, Guillermo Rodríguez Rivera wrote: "In the early days of the Cuban revolution, national poets were linked to each other through the common interest of understanding the Hispanic American man as much as César Vallejos legacy". Obviously, Luis Rogelio Nogueras is among those who has benefited from such a treasure. Read More

Ruben Rodríguez, Holguin's writer, wins National Award

Entitled, Peligrosos prados verdes con vaquitas blancas y negras, the book reflects the life of Leidi Jamilton, a character who previously appeared in the book Maravilloso viaje del mundo alrededor de Leidi Jamilton, by the same author. Read More

First National Festival of Art Instructors starts in Havana

These young instructors develop their artistic work hand in hand with their teaching duties Read More

New issue of Tablas

Perhaps the most moving pages in this edition are those dedicated to the interview to Pancho Garcia by Abel Gonzalez Melo, one of our most solid actors. Read More

Martí diverse and total

It is about the Life and Work of the Hero Jose Martí, a book written by Cintio Vitier in 1998, for a Venezuelan Publishing House and reprint later by the Center of Studies of Martí. Read More

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