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"Querida Elena": a rapprochement to the great writer

"Querida Elena" ("Dear Elena") is the title of the panel where Luisa Campuzano and Zaida Capote will get closer to the life and work of the great Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska, on Thursday the 29th of November at 4:00 pm at the Manuel Galich hall of the Casa de las Américas. Read More

Barnet: to receive an award named José Donoso is a "luxury of the soul"

Miguel Barnet, one of the most edited Cuban writers outside Cuba, affirmed in Santiago de Chile that to receive an award named José Donoso is a "luxury of the soul". Read More

Presented novel 2007 Alejo Carpentier Award

"Las potestades incorpóreas", novel by Alberto Garrandés, 2007 Alejo Carpentier Award was presented in the Pabellón Cuba in La Rampa as part of the University Festival of Book and Reading. Read More

President of New York Casa de Las Americas Passed away

Luis Miranda, long-time president of the New York-based Casa de Las Americas and a renowned fighter in defense of the Cuban Revolution died in that US city this week. Read More

Ediciones Cubanas Publishing House will celebrate its 30 anniversary

Ediciones Cubanas has among its missions to show the best in the literature, art and Cuban sciences, from classic works of great world recognition until the most novel and renovating literary materials in the island. Read More

International Encounter of Editors of Scientific Magazines Began in Havana

During the discussions of the event, participants will analyze topics such as the assessment of the publishing work, the editing of scientific articles, the development and impact of publications and their assessment. Read More

Ibero-American Award of Letters for Barnet

Barnet said to Prensa Latina that its a high honor to have won this important award for him, when many writers also deserve it. Read More

A Book by Fina García Marruz at the Cuban Day in Book Fair in Chile

A panel on the work of the distinguished writer, headed by Iroel Sánchez, president of the Cuban Book Institute, was the start of the promotion of the title. Read More

International Storyteller's Conference hosted by Venezuela

Marylin Bobes told this agency that she will be reading abstracts from her most recent novel, which is not finished yet, and from her latest release as well. This will be a good opportunity to exchange with the audience, said the writer, who has been awarded twice with the Casa de Las Americas prize in short story and novel categories. Read More

Cintio Vitier: Film about Lezama Praiseworthy

I think its praiseworthy the effort, mainly keeping in mind that Lezama, like Marti, was not a show man Read More

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