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Cuba Fosters Reading, Thinking and Dialog

«Initiatives to promote books, reading, literature, thinking and dialog will spread throughout the country,» said Ricardo Alarcón, president of the Cuban Parliament. Read More

National Seminar on Canadian Studies in Havana Next February

The Eighth National Seminar on Canadian Studies has been called for February 2008 by the Department of Canadian Studies of the University of Havana and by the Cuban University Network. Read More

Cuba Participated in Book Fair of Guadalajara

Cuba participated in the 21st International Book Fair of Guadalajara that opened last week in this Mexican city. Read More

"José Antonio Fernández de Castro" Cultural Journalism Award.

The "José Antonio Fernández de Castro" Cultural Journalism Award was created by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba in 1999. Read More

Memories of Carilda, in poetry and in life

The space Fe de Vida, conduced by the poet Aitana Alberti at the Dulce Maria Loynaz Cultural Center presented the documentary "Memoria de la fiebre. Vida y Obra de Carilda Oliver Labra" ("Memory of the fever. Life and work of Carilda Oliver Labra"). Read More

X Symposium of Literary Translation

The conferences and presentations were about different topics, such as the translators of theatre plays, the building of a poetic world through translation, the dilemma of getting the reader closer to the text of other way around and about "Misterio: (Mystery), the first novel translated by Jose Mart. Read More

"One Hundred Hours with Fidel" printed in Galician

A translation into Galician of the book "One hundred hours with Fidel" will be launched shortly in Galicia with the title of "Fidel Castro: A mina vida". Read More

Association of Cuban Writers Gives to Know in Las Tunas the Winner in Narrative

Some of the most famous books of this author are La saga del perseguido (Alejo Carpentier Prize), Las manzanas del paraíso (Prize Casa de Teatro, in Dominican Republic), Los Cuervos (Dulce María Loynaz Prize), Matarile, and Confabulación de la araña. Read More

Book on Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles Launched in Havana

Luis Posada Carriles, the man who isn't on the US most wanted list because of a supposed "lack of evidence" is unmasked from his early days to the present in a new book entitled: ¨Posada Carriles, Four Decades of Terror¨, by Canadian journalist Jean-Guy Allard. Read More

Poetry of Che is presented with great success in Guatemala

Over 800 people attended the second presentation in Guatemala of the book "Che Guevara, poesía completa" ("Che Guevara, complete poetry"), a collection made by the writer Marco Vinicio Mejías. Read More

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