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A book about Cuban with Chinese origins has been launched in Beijing.

As a testimony of the deep friendship between the Chinese and the Cuban people, was considered the edition in Mandarin of a book about the life of three Cuban generals with Chinese origins, which was presented recently in Beijing.<br /> Read More

In Havana: Festival Primavera de Cuentos 2009

The festival Primavera de Cuentos 2009 will be held here fro the 12th until the 22nd of March with the presence of specialists from Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain. Read More

Poem book by the Cuban anti-terrorist Hero in South Africa

The poetry book Desde mi altura (From my height), by Antonio Guerrero (one of the five), was presented in a special session of the General Assembly of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers of South Africa (NADEL).<br /> Read More

New Textbook on Intensive Care in Cuba

Cuba's health system has benefited from the contributions made by the second volume of a textbook on intensive care. Read More

Cuban literature to be inserted in the net of networks

Cuban Literature is being slowly inserted in Internet despite the technical difficulties and stemming from experiences in the provinces of the island, declared the colloquium Pasar revista: las revistas culturales (To review: cultural magazines). Read More

Pablo Armando Fernández, one of the most important Cuban writers and his eight decades

As if by coincidence, Pablo Armando Fernández, one of the most important Cuban writers of our times completed last Monday his eighth decade of life, with a medullar presence in national culture and much light outside of our borders. Read More

Extraordinary Award “Bicentennial of Spanish American emancipation”

“Casa de Las Americas” has convened the extraordinary essay award “Bicentennial of the Spanish American emancipation.” The event will deal with the impact of Spanish America independence wars, 200 years after their beginning. Read More

Cuba Insitutions Committed to Foster Reading

President of the Cuban Book Institute Iroel Sanchez said that transfer of the 18th Book Fair away from the capital is a sign of the interest in its success. Read More

International Book Fair Opens in Pinar del Río and Villa Clara, Cuba

Gleyvis Coro, Eduardo Martínez Malo and Nelson Simón are the Pinar del Río authors recognized in this fair. Sed de Belleza (Thirst for Beauty) award is given to Havanan poet Arnaldo Núñez Viquillón in Santa Clara Province <br /> Read More

In Cuba: The party of knowledge continues all over the country

The reading fever moved on from last Thursday through the rest of the country, after the successful stay that ended last Sunday in the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, seat of the Cuba 2009, XVIII International Book Fair. Read More

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