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In San Gerónimo College the Cuban Academy of Languages will celebrate Spanish Language Day

The program will include a conference on language, dialogue and culture by Graziella Pogolotti, and a concert by the Exaudi choir Read More

Cuban Poet Fernandez Retamar to be awarded in Venezuela

The prize acknowledges the lifetime work of creators who have made important contribution to Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Patrimony. The prize will also be awarded to Bolivian film-maker Jorge Sanjines. Read More

National Culture Distinction Bestowed on Four Cuban Intellectuals

The National Culture Distinction was awarded to four Cuban intellectuals in the eastern province of Guantanamo in recognition of their contribution to the country´s literature patrimony. Read More

Sanlope Publishing House Celebrates Its 18th Anniversary in Las Tunas, Cuba

With about 407 titles the Sanlope Publishing House, in the eastern province of Las Tunas, celebrates today its 18th anniversary promoting narrators, poets, essayists and historians of this territory, of the national and of universal literature. Read More

UNESCO to Mark Centenary of Cuban Writer's Birth

The United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) included the commemoration of the centenary of Cuban writer Jose Lezama Lima's birth in the list of anniversaries to be celebrated by the institution in the 2010-2011 period.<br /> Read More

Marketing techniques to promote Cuban Art

The main proposal of the book Gestión de Mercadotecnia en el arte (Marketing Management in art) is to promote the identity and the cultural values in the different manifestations of Cuban art through the proper use of marketing techniques. Read More

New Reading Areas for the Cuban Blind

The number of special reading areas for the blind in Cuba has been expanded to 138, as part of celebrations for the bicentennial of Luis Braille, creator of the touch reading and writing system.<br /> Read More

In Cuba: Towards the 42nd Cucalambean Event and the 17th Décima Festival

On this year 2009, the Cucalambean Event, will also be dedicated to pay tribute to two figures, who are representatives of the two aspects that surround the poetry conceived un ten verse stanzas: the improviser poet Tomasita Quiala and the writer and researcher investigador Pablo Armando Fernández. Read More

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez will sing in New York

According to an AP report, Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, along with rock stars like Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Eddie Vedder and Dave Matthews, will be part of a cast of 40 artists who will join in a charity concert on the occasion of the musician Pete Seeger 90 years.<br /> Read More

The Cuban mark of Victor Hugo

The French writer Victor Hugo has an almost obvious presence in Cuba, which sometimes strongly emerges to the surface and other keeps flowing with the quiet rumour of an underground current. Read More

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