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Wifredo Lam's art works exhibited in Brussels

The Cervantes Cultural Institute, in Brussels, opened an arts exhibition of Cuban painter Wifredo Lam Read More

Cuba to launch book on Che Guevara

"El Che en Fidel Castro" is a thematic selection prepared by a group of experts of the Cuban History Institute Read More

At the door of the International Ballet Festival of Havana

At the start of the 20th edition of the International Ballet Festival of Havana dancers, choreographers and make-up and wardrobe assistants and the rest of ballet personnel begin swarming around the theatre stage Read More

Lights from a Diary at Jose Marti Memorial Center

With a very peculiar way and a rigorous visual language, the Dominican Pedro Guzman and the Cuban Dany Hernandez depicted the experiences of our National Apostle. Read More

Cultural options in Havana

The Cuban capital offers foreign tourists varied cultural options, which are highly demanded by visitors. Read More

Favorable reception to documentary on Néstor Baguer

The premiere of the documentary "Secretos desde el Malecón Habanero" (Secrets from the Havana Malecon) was successfully received at the Luanda Cinema in the eastern province of Las Tunas. Read More

CINEPLAZA 2006. 23rd edition

From next Tuesday, October 3rd and until coming Saturday 7th , the edition number 23 of the National Festival of Cinema and Video CINEPLAZA 2006 will be held in different venues of El Vedado. Read More

Culture and Development Congress convoked

International Congress on Culture and Development to be held from June 11 to 14, 2007 in the Cuban capital. Read More

Dominicana shocked by the visit of Septeto Habanero

<p align="left">By Pedro Rioseco<div align="left"> </div><p align="left">Most likely in any other country, except for Dominican Republic, octogenarian Septeto Habanero had made people take dance shoes and dresses out of an old trunk to dance to the tune of immortal Son genre. <div align="left"> </div><p align="left">This is possible only because in the Dominican Republic son is still cast side-by-side most popular local rhythms; meringue and bachata and of course they are all danced in the Palacio del Son available all the year round since half a century ago. Read More

Silvio Rodriguez in London: night to remember

Music Fund for Cuba presented Silvio Rodri­guez and his band in London's Barbican Center. Read More

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