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Nanotechnology, which according to experts will be present in almost all spheres of life, is the main issue to be analyzed Tuesday in the 27th Latin American Chemistry Congress taking place in this capital.

Today's first session includes a masterly conference entitled "Architecture in Nanometric Dimensions" by Sir Harry Kroto, a Chemistry Nobel prizewinner and professor of the State University of Florida.

Kroto told Prensa Latina that the manipulation of material at a microscopic scale, a discipline known Nanotechnology that brings together sciences like biology, physics and engineering, constitutes the Chemistry of the 21st century.

Also attending is Peter Atkins, from the University of Oxford, who will speak on Chemistry Communication, and iff mv mf Ann Nalley, president of the US American Chemistry Society, with the issue "2006: A Year of Innovation."

Organized by the Cuban Chemistry Society and the Latin American Federation of Chemical Associations, the event has the attendance of over 800 researchers from 55 nations.

The agenda includes workshops and symposiums on issues relating to teaching of that science, natural products, environment, industrial chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and biomaterials.

Parallel to the congress, which will end on October 20, are the 2nd International Symposium on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the 4th International Workshop on Chemistry of Natural Products, the 4th International Congress on Biomaterials, and the 6th International Congress on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Source: Prensa Latina

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