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  • 11 / 07 / 2006

Milk Production
By Hernan Bosch

The recent rains that have fallen in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas have had a positive impact on milk production.

From January through September this year, the cattle farmers of Las Tunas "reported to be the driest region of Cuba" turned out 14.36 million liters of milk, exceeding last years production by 300,000 liters

The lack of rainfall over the past ten years has caused considerable reduction in milk production. In 1996, a record of 36 million liters was produced, but last year that figure had decreased to a little bellow 18 million liters.

More abundant rainfall during the present year has contributed to the improvement of pasturelands.

The current yield is 3.32 liters per cow on average "almost one unit over last years average during the same period.

However, specialists consider the advance is still under the provinces potential capacity; nevertheless they still foresee fulfilling this years target of 20 million liters.

Increasing the domestic production of this nutritious food allows for reducing the import of powdered milk in the international market.

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