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Hospital Camilo Cienfuegos, Sancti Spiritus
The Camilo Cienfuegos hospital in central Sancti Spiritus is conducting tests to evaluate the efficiency and safety of four treatments used nationwide, reported Escambray newspaper online.

The streptochinase suppository to treat the acute hemorrhoid disease is one of the clinical trials underway in this health institution which is intended to eliminate the symptoms and signs of the affection and to diminish the extent of the lesion, thus avoiding possible surgery. Results are satisfactory so far.

Specialists are also analyzing the performance of Surfacem for respiratory distress on adults and recombinant human Heberythropoietin for oncology affections. At the same time, they evaluate the prostate cancer patients who receive the EGF (Epidermic Growth Factor) vaccine.

The CUT-440 vaccine for chronic Hepatitis B is also being studied.

A clinical trial is a study on human beings intended to determine or verify the clinical, pharmacological or other type of effects of any product under investigation. The trial is also useful for the identification of adverse reactions to drugs and enables the analysis of the absorption and distribution levels of the investigated product as well as its metabolism and excretion degree.

The health institution is also engaged in 17 local research projects while guaranteeing the formation of medical students, including those from Third World countries, mainly Latin America.

Source: Prensa Latina

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