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Good work by eastern Cuba library
he library in the eastern Cuban province of Guantánamo holds nearly 90,000 books on a wide range of topics.

The patrimony of the library, founded in the 1920s, includes books, monographs, magazines and periodicals published in the provincial capital.

The rare book hall treasures thousands of issues of the newspapers "La Voz del Guaso" and "El Eco" (1871-1874). The latter was a pro-independence publication that is considered the oldest newspaper in eastern Cuba.

Experts noted that the institution also owns several issues of the rebel newspaper "El Managüí" and a hand-written "History of Guantánamo".

The province also has nine municipal public libraries and two branches in the towns of the former sugar factories Honduras and Paraguay.

The network of libraries has a staff of 142 workers, 63 of whom are experts in library science.

Source: DTCuba

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