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The First Meeting of Cubas Oldest Cities Radio Stations will begin Saturday in Camagüey, as part of the schedule in occasion of the 493rd anniversary of the city and the third birthday of the local radio station.

Sponsored by the Peoples Power Municipal Assembly (City Hall) and Radio Camagüey, the meeting will bring together director, journalists and the staff involved with municipal radio stations of the seven first villages founded by the Spaniards in the island of Cuban.

Radios stations representing the cities of Baracoa, Bayamo, Trinidad, Camagüey, Sancti Spíritus, Santiago de Cuba and Havana participate in the event.

The Heritage Conservation Provincial Management will host the meeting, in which the radio station professionals will debate on their experiences and their daily chore within the community.

The challenges of the local radio stations and the rescue of the patrimonial and historical value of the old villages will be some of the subjects to discuss in the theoretical workshop.

Likewise, a lecture on the radio history in Camagüey with the collaboration of experts on socio cultural studies will be dictated, the Meeting will come to an end in the evening.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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