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  • 12 / 12 / 2006

Woman umpire


Granma newspaper spoke with Yanet Moreno Mendinueta, the first female umpire in the Cuban Baseball League, who made her debut behind the plate in a Wednesday night game between Matanzas and Villa Clara.

An umpire by chance?

Since I was little girl I played baseball in the street in the Alamar neighborhood of Havana where I was born and still live. My father would scold me, but I would sneak out to play. Later I joined softball and baseball leagues, but didnt make much progress. Margarita Mayeta, the baseball trainer, told me: "Try being an umpire," and here I am.

Did you learn in the classroom or on the field?

Both. I completed two courses at the National Umpiring School and I have umpired school, juvenile and provincial first division championships.

Have you thrown out players or managers?

Three, for obscene language and a lack of respect on the field, which I dont allow, especially in the school categories, which is where proper conduct is learned.

And what if a player flirts with you during the game?

Perhaps I would smile, but I dont think they would do it.

Do you have a good or bad temper?

Almost always good, sometimes strong.

Are you married, do you have children?


Do you like Reggaeton music?

I like romantic music, Richard Clayderman is my favorite.

Your source of encouragement?

My fellow umpires, my family and Fidel, who opened all the possibilities for us.

Female Umpire. Advantage or disadvantage?

All of the players were born from a woman, and they respect you. Women are always stricter and impartial.

Yanet Moreno Mendinuetas debut game was tense from the beginning. A ball that hit her in the foot tried in vain to take her out of the game, but she stayed behind the plate with confidence for the full nine innings.Source: Granma

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