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Wings for life
Over 30 renowned Cuban painters took part in the exhibition called "Alas por la vida" (Wings for life) opened in Havana as an artistic expression in support of women with breast cancer.

" All came up following the disease was detected in my sister and personal representative María del Carmen Ríos, at the time I experienced her sorrows and pains from close", painter and the projects central promoter Zaida del Río said to newspaper Granma.

Also she said " that heartened me for I wanted to do it since long ago, but never thought of being so closely affected. It was the right time for carrying out my project".

The release displayed at the Minor Basilica of the San Francisco de Asís Convent in Havana seeks to cheer up women psychologically affected after having passed through a breast cancer surgical amputation by providing encouragement "to keep their wings up and avoid they' re cut short ".

Participants present are Juan Moreira, Eduardo Roca (Choco), Alicia Leal, Fúster, Ileana Mulet, Christian, Rubén Rodríguez, Lesbia Vent Dumois, Vicente Bonachea, Ángel Ramírez, José Gómez Fresquet (Frémez), Pedro Pablo Oliva, Diana Balboa, José Antonio Choy and Niel Moreira.

Others to take part; Raúl Santos Serpa, Lian Domínguez, Alicia de la Campa, Roger Aguiar, Julia Valdés, Ernesto García Peña, Eduardo Yanez, Ever Fonseca, José Omar Torres, Sandra Agramonte, Mario M. Gonzalez, Hortensia Wach, Virginia Morales Menocal, Edel Borbón, Eduardo Abela and of course Zaida del Río herself

The exhibit will be running all through the present month until Nov 16 and then move on outside the country.

Source: Cubarte

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