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Plastics Arts National Award 2006

By Pedro de la Hoz

Cuban painter Pedro Pablo Oliva was winner of the Plastics Arts National Award 2006, by his more than thirty years of authentic expression and a deep sense of identity reflected in his creative work, and an intense labor of promotion of the visual arts in Pinar del Rio, where he was born and works.

This is the maximum recognition that our country hands in every year to a Cuban artist by the work of an entire life. Pedro Pablo received the Award by hands of Abel Prieto, member of the Political Bureau and Cuban Minister of Culture. There were also present at the ceremony Alejandro Rojas, President of the National Council of Plastic Arts in Cuba; and José Gómez Fresquet (Frémez), winner of the same award last year. The records of the jury, read by the outstanding artist Adigio Benítez, highlighted Pedro Pablos deep simplicity and sincerity seen in his work.

Eusebio Leal praised the work of this creator with words that exalted his imagination, his capacity of dreaming and reflecting his love and sense of identity towards his community and Motherland. Oliva thanked those present for the award and remembered how the social process that took place in his country taught him "the sweet condition of freedom and Independence."

The ceremony, held at the National Fine Arts Museum, was embellished by a song recital of Liuba María Hevia.

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