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Cuba is the only Caribbean country that has developed a technology for protected cultivation appropriate to the cliamatological conditions of the tropic, said Hortensia Cardoza, Director of the Institute of Vegetable Research "Liliana Dimitrova".

Located in Havana Province, the centre's design of the installations of covered cultivation was created in 1998, together with the company Carisombra.

At the moment this tecnology is being commercialised in Mexico, Dominicana, Venezuela and the West Indies.

The Institute of Vegetable Research "Liliana Dimitrova" is preparing, in November, the 3rd International Course on Protected Cultivation in which will participate many countries from the region.

The centre, which this year celebrates the 35th anniversary of its foundation, is also responsible for 65% of the varieties of vegetables and grains which are produced and sold the length and breadth of Cuba.

"Each of our varities" added Hortensia "includes resistance to attack by insects commonly found in Cuba. For example we could confront and quickly conquer a disease which appeared throught the region in 1990, spread by whitefly. Agriculture is now totally immune to that disease.

"More than that we have created hybrids of tomato, capsicum (sweet pepper)and various types of melon very competitve in quality, productivity and virus resistance. Now we are testing them in Colombia, Dominicana, Argentina and Venezuela"

"We couldn't translate to Cuba the technology and management of greenhouses in Europe, which need heating. Cuba requires shading to cool (the plants). Because of that we disgned the technology and management of the plants under those conditions."

Source: Prensa Latina

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