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Che Cultural Center

By Katia Siberia García

On his arrival to Havana on January 3, 1959, Cuban revolutionary hero Che Guevarra moved into the Moro Cabana fortress. There, his residence was also his place of work, and he lived with members of his column between heated debates, and cultural and social projects. On Friday, the site was inaugurated as the Che Guevarra House Cultural Center.

The center was inaugurated by division generals Ramon Pardo Guerra and Antonio Enrique Lusson Batlle, and with the presence of other generals and high ranking officers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and members of the eighth column, Ciro Redonda. The cultural exhibition contains pictures of the heroic guerilla fighter and replicas of furniture and objects that show the humble and hectic life of those tmes.

The center also houses an artists workshop, a chess room, a reading room and a multiuse area for conferences and exhibitions, transforming the former residence into a vibrant space for Cuban and foreign visitors alike.

Museum curator Odalys Mendez Santos said that more historical elements, including documents and personal objects, are on the way.

Source: Granma

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