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Agricultural workforce
By Hernan Bosch

Cuba's largest agriculture workforce, the Las Tunas-based Vicente Garcia Contingent, is committed to fulfill its production targets for this month to mark the 112 anniversary of the beginning of the of second stage of the wars of independence against Spanish colonialism on February 24, 1895.

The more than 3,000 women and men make up this contingent are preparing some 500 hectares with animal-towed ploughs, which they will later plant with fruit, green and root vegetables.

They will also crop some 600 tons of diverse produces, while they will also weed nearly 700 hectares.

The Vicente Garcia Contingent has workers in the eight municipalities of Las Tunas province and its effort has been decisive over the past few years in the production of food in the midst of a severe drought that has affected the area.

In its eleven years, this workforce has harvested some 276 tons of produce, with the use of draught animals, organic fertilizer, and other agro-ecological practices that save resources and protect the environment.


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