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The improvement of weather conditions in Cuba's eastern province of Las Tunas, after ten years of severe drought, has led to an increase of more than 33, 000 heads of cattle.

This advance is very important, as the past few years saw a tendency towards a reduction of the herds.

According to Enrique Rodriguez Labanino, head of the National Centre for Cattle Control (CENCOP), the favorable rainfall averages in 2006 benefited the cattle-raising areas across the country.

He noted that as pasturelands became green again and availability of fodder and water increased , some 68 thousand new births were recorded and the number of deaths dropped.

At the same time, the slaughter of animals was reduced by 100, 000 not only as a result of the increase of the average weight per head of cattle, but also as a result of a reduction in the total number of animals weakened by the drought.


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