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  • 12 / 27 / 2006

Cuba's best Greco-Roman wrestlers are training to compete in the national Champion Gala, scheduled for mid January.

The competition, to be held in the Cuban capital, may also be attended by wrestlers from Venezuela and the United States.

According to experts, 28 wrestlers will compete for the title in seven divisions.

The list of participants includes Lázaro Rivas (55 kg), Roberto Monzón (60 kg), Mijaíl López (120 kg), Odelis Herrero (74), Luis Méndez (84), Alain Milián (66) and Alain Rivas (96).

Other competitors are Giovanni Grant, Victor Ordaz and Maikel Anache (55 kg), Hanser Meoque, Pedro Isaac and Yadier García (60 kg), Mailin Consuegra, Alexander Casal and Yordanis Lamoru (66 kg), and Alioski González, Sergio Morejón and Pablo Chorey (74 kg).

The team also includes Yunior Estrada, Misael Zapata and Alíeski Gracia (84 kg), Yosvani Lima, Eric García and Racial Oris (94 kg), and Fernando Jordain, Yasmani Acosta Fernández and Iván Quintana Lavastida (120 kg).

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