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Among the vaccines Herberbiotech HB against Type B Hepatitis and Quimi-Hib against pneumonia and meningitis received special attention at the conference, PL News reported.


Bottling and labeling of these two medicaments, considered "a sweet victory for Cuban science" by the All Medic Group member Nguyen Tuan Hai, has already started at the DAVAC Institute in Da Lat, Vietnam.


This high tech center also bottles and labels Hepvacb II, a variant of Herberbiovac HB, as part of an agreement with the Cuban center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.Besides these three products, Cuban vaccines Hibevac-Hib and Tetravac-Hib were presented.

Both vaccines are in the production stage at the BioPharco center, Nha Trang, South Vietnam, which currently produces twenty two products in total.

This scientific event brought together experts from 30 provinces and was organized by the All-Medic Group and the National Institute of Bio-Medicine and Vaccines.

Source: ACN

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