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There are many and diverse treasures that lie at the reach of those who dive in the Cuban coasts. The alga is one of them. Cuba has an infinite future with the microalgas. The scientists of the island are constantly studying the countless properties they have.

A very well known alga in our coasts is the salt Dunaliella. It has relevant properties that attract those who study it. They has built a lake of 1,4 hectares that reproduce 84 tons of a beta-carotene mass with an income of more than 3 millions of dollars, without counting on its purifying quality in any aquatic environment.

Other international well-known species of the Cuban depths are the shrimps and lobsters. Nevertheless, the closed season is kept and the same catch standards are set aside to have a good breeding level.

In the same environment we can find scallops, mussels and oysters not only in their natural habits but also in pools prepared to obtain good harvests in short time, aimed at meeting the great demand of those exportable products of the food industry that have a high nutritional level.

Not only the fearful sharks are famous among the species of the Cuban depths, but also the picua or barracuda. Its body is long and its way of acting is dizzy. It is considered a real threat for those that are part of their diet. They watch them with total immobility until they are captured by surprise and in thousandths of seconds in their jaws so powerful that they could crush hard shells like those of the crabs.

Other distinction of the Cuban bottom of the sea is its great pastureland, with the plant thalassic testudinum, home for many species to be born and grow.

As we can see, the bottom of the sea that surrounds the islands of the Cuban archipelago is real submerged paradises.

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