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The Anti-Doping Laboratory of Cuba, opened in 2001, consolidates the national program against drugs in sports, said scientific bulletin En Red.

En Red said that during 2006, 2,000 tests were done in the installation, and Mario Granda, its director, assures no Cuban athlete was punished for using illegal substances, though there were cases to whom other tests were necessary.

En Red said some human organisms produce substances like testosterone and epitestosterone, for which new studies to determine their origin are carried out.

Granda said an important number of requests came from the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, in virtue of important collaboration agreements between Cuba and Venezuela.

The request of the organizers of the World Judo Junior Championship held in the Dominican Republic was also taken, and also requests by other nations of the area.

The laboratory consulted another 803 samples coming from the Legal Medicine Institute, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and other institutions.

In all cases, the names of the processed athletes are not handled, and the numbered samples are examined, without any other identification.

Source: Prensa Latina

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