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Buena Vista Social Club

Since a few days ago, its known that theatre tickets for Buena Vista Social Club show are all sold out as confirmed organizers of the International Jazz Festival of Grenada.

As it happened in 1998 in the central theater Isabel la Católica with the performance of the late renowned musicians Ibrahim Ferrer and Rubén González hundreds of Grenada residents could not even reach the packed crowd theatre alleys.

Although figures of international recognition like saxophonist Kenny Garret and quartet Javier Colina will be present at the Festival, local media headline the great expectiation raised around Buena Vista's Cuban artists.

Local and foreign chroniclers in charge of the Jazz Festival coverage highlight these performers represent most demanded embassy of Cuban culture in the world.

Buena Vista is back in Grenada with 11 star musicians teamed to present an exclusive world tour, while central figures; Cachaíto López, Guajiro Mirabal, Manuel Galbán and Jesús Aguaje Ramos will present a new disc.

Likewise the media say that Club musicals members have sold several million copies of the world-famous disc, whose successful project has been replayed in time.

Buena Vista comprises some generations of the islands top musical performers, all of them forming an all-star orchestra that revives hit themes drawn from the best of Cuban albums.

One of Grenadas daily commented that these tour Cuban music lover giants; Buena Vista's backbone make in all over 300 years of wisdom and experience in delighting audiences with their legendary hot rhythms . Not in vain the concert tickets are no longer available since a few days ago!

Source: CubaSi

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