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Contingent Henry Reeve
Japanese Physicians, students and university professors Monday recognized here the accessibility and noble purpose of the Cuban medical cooperation, after having a symposium on the topic, celebrated at Meiji University.

The event, which had as main speaker Cuban doctor Arlenis Barroso, talked about the Caribbean isle health system characteristics at a great length.

She also deepened in humanist and solidarity philosophy, which support Cuban Collaboration activities with other nations of the third world.

This woman member of Contingent Henry Reeve, who traveled to this capital with the purpose of participating in that activity on last Saturday, told its experiences to those more than 300 assistants.

As a result of hurricane Katrina consequences, Havana created the medical team Henry Reeve, to render services in that country, however Us president George W. Bush, refused to accept the help.

Afterwards that same contingent collaborated in several regions of the world, declared as disaster areas like Paquistan and Indonesia.

Together to Barroso, there were other speakers like ex vice rector of higher studies house Aoyama Gakuin Professor Yuso Kamo, who made reflections on Cuban revolution history.

Source: Prensa Latina

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