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Sheila Espinosa took gold at the Villa de Paris Super A Judo Tournament, which has been described as the best result in her yet young sporting career, because this is the third most important event of this discipline, after the Olympics and World Championships.

Sheila beat Portuguese Thelma Monteiro in the title match, after stunning Romanian Dinea, Spanish Carrascosa and French Latoine, respectively.

The Cienfuegos athlete remains unbeaten in the traditional tour the Antillean female and male judo teams carry out throughout Europe. The previous week, she won in two competitions held in Belgium, one of them for U23. Until now, she has an 18-0 win/loss balance.

For their part, her teammates Yaritza Abel (63 kg) and Yurisel Laborde (78 kg) won bronze medals in Paris.

The male squad rounded off the Cuban tally, given Yordanis Arencibia (66 kg) and Oreidis Despaigne (100 kg) clinched third places, as their compatriots Ronald Girones (73 kg) and Oscar Braison (+100 kg) placed fifth in their respective divisions.

Next week, Professor Ronaldo Veitías girls will have their third competition in Austria, while coach Justo Nodas men will go to another acid test at the Budapest EJU Men A Tournament, because the Hungarian meet usually gathers most of the elite worldwide.

Source: Granma

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