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  • 12 / 09 / 2006

Pedro Pablo Perez

Four-time Cuban cycling champion, Pedro Pablo Perez, heads a squad of nine athletes to compete in a competition in Costa Rica scheduled for December 18 to 29.

The Costa Rican Cycling Federation informed that besides Cuba and Costa Rica teams from Colombia, Chile, Ecuador will be competing.

The 12-stage race, under the supervision of Commissioner Rainer Nublen of Venezuela, allows each squad to have nine cyclists either born in or naturalized in the countries they represent.

Besides Pedro Pablo Perez, the Cuban team includes: Arnold Alcolea, Reldys Perez, Yeiner Lopez, Lizardo Benitez, Adonis Cardoso, Raul Granjel, Surley Leon and Ernesto Cano.

Roberto Santaya coaches the Cubans with help from mechanic Juan Fernandez, masseur Nemesio Lusson, and sports official Hector Marcos.
Source: Granma

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