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Juan Carrizo
Dr. Juan Carrizo, dean of Cuba s Latin American Medical School (ELAM) defended as viable the dream of Fidel Castro to train 100,000 foreigners within ten years to be physicians to alleviate the suffering of the poor people in the world.

ELAM began from the Cuban president s decision to send Cuban medical brigades to assist the Central American victims of Hurricanes George and Mitch in 1998.

Today 21,000 young people from 20 countries are studying in ELAM, more than 52,000 in various methods, while more than 3,000 have already received their medical degrees in 2005 and 2006, so the dream may even be surpassed..

Dr. Carrizo noted that Cuban health professionals are teaching pre and post graduate courses in seven medical schools in Africa, Venezuela and other places.

The medical school dean pointed out that Fidel Castro is not scattering forces; rather his idea is "a grain of sand supporting the countries of the world that is going to become a beach."

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